You gotta know when to hold em...

So... I told you I suck at updating these kind of things. 

Where to begin...

About 6 months ago I was talking with my good friend about the possibility of auditioning for series of web-commercials for a major corporation. I signed up, auditioned, and waited. For months I heard multiple out comes. "It's gonna happen!" "We're not sure..." "The project might not happen." About one month ago I got an email with an acting agreement I needed to sign and my W-9's to fill out. I actually got the part. What the hell?

I requested the day's of filming off from my day job. A job that has been quite good to me for the most part. About 2 weeks after turning in the request I was called into the office and given an ultimatum. I now had to make a choice that felt more like a gamble. I could either stick with my safe, steady, and normal day job, or I would choose this opportunity and loose all of that security and gain this one acting job. I chose acting.

I'm not an actor. 

I was the guy that built the sets in high school theater. But something just comforted me in that decision. When I started comedy I always thought I would have total control and know every move that I am about to make on stage. Then after a couple years I realized that I should trust my gut instinct more when faced with something new. This had that same feeling. I knew that this was the right move to make. Or I hope I know at least. So I did it.

I don't know how I will do. I might suck. I might be funny. I might just be cheesy. I just know that I'm glad I made the decision I did. I don't know how I will provide for myself or my family right now beyond this next job. Right now my future isn't secure and that's okay. I would rather try and fail at something bigger than me, instead of sitting at my desk, typing my life away for some corporation, thinking about how I should have taken a risk. 

It probably won't turn into much. I accept that. But at least I'll know for sure. 

Wish me luck.

Until next time. I love ya, dummies.




Garrett Smalley