Blog? That seems a little contrived, right? AM I RIGHT!?

First off let me say thank you so much for supporting me in my comedy. If you do. If you don’t I completely understand.

I can promise a few things from this blog. First is that I will (likely) update this so rarely, that eventually you will probably forget that I even began to do this and move on. Secondly, it will be so topically inconsistent and scattered brained that you might get a real glimpse of what goes on in my dumb head most days. Lastly… It probably won’t be that funny.

So, why should you read this? Most people probably shouldn’t. Mentally, a lot of you are probably in a better place than I am. I’m only writing this because I need to. Or I think I do. Truthfully, I have no idea. I just wanted to write to make a little space in my head so that I can maybe be a better person one day.

I’m terrified of the future. I constantly stress about things I have little to no control over and I procrastinate to the point of tardiness on the things I do have power over. I’m certain that most of you also do this. Most day’s I have stomach pain from a dumb digestive issue that makes it hard to have much excitement or joy. But I try and fail and try again. That’s all I can do. Too many people let life have its way with them. Only to become a beaten old version of themselves that not even they are happy with. I have no advice or wisdom to share to any of you about how to make your life better or how to avoid becoming like this. I’m neck deep in life’s bull-shit just like all of you are. In a cliché sense, we are kind of in this thing together. The only thing I can grab onto like a life preserver is my wife and son. They are a consistent source of motivation and happiness for me.

I’ll update this more when I have the time. If you were hoping for something a little more uplifting or god forbid “funny”, I am sorry. Maybe next time.

Thank you for caring… or at least reading.

Garrett Smalley