Hi. Thanks for caring.

I'm a comic/writer/actor from Springfield, Mo.

I've spent the last few years driving around the mid-west performing stand-up at various bars, houses, businesses, shed's, restaurants, theaters and comedy clubs. I don't know how to use text to portray to you, the reader, what my "style" or comedy-bullshit-whatever is. I just get to have fun. I've been very fortunate along the way and have gotten to open for and work with some very talented and achieved comedians, writers, and actors whose wisdom has shaped me into what I am today. 

Last year I was in a 5 episode web-series for O'Reilly Auto Parts. You can see more about that on my "media" page. Also, I have been in a few small ad's for Big Whiskey's restaurant and various appearances on The Mystery Hour.

When I am home, I am a regular host and performer at the Blue Room Comedy Club. I also work as the Production Coordinator on the Emmy Award winning mid-west television show The Mystery Hour. Which is currently going on it's 7th season at the Gillioz Theater. I recommend both if you are ever in Springfield.

  At the end of the day, I just strive for originality and the opportunity to keep doing stand-up and chasing my dreams. Thank you if you have supported me in anyway along my journey. I'll never be able to truly repay you all.

 Is my comedy for everyone? Absolutely not. I hope that you can take the time to figure out just how it feels to you.  


Promotional Bio;

"Garrett Smalley was born and raised in the Ozarks; he now travels the Midwest telling tales of life to who ever might care to endure his silliness. From weird to wild, Garrett shows you who he truly is; an optimistic young father with a losing streak."